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Structural acrylic | LD701 | illbruck
  • Structural acrylic | LD701 | illbruck
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Structural acrylic | LD701 | illbruck

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Structural acrylic | LD701 | illbruck | plastoelastic dispersion acrylic sealant, whose structure corresponds to the appearance of plaster

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Reference: FM310

Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml

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Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml - Firm texture- Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, plaster, stone, wood, fibre concrete, metal, plastics (polystyrene, PU rigid foam, polyester, hard PVC)- Freon-free- Application up to -10°C- Up to 14 metres at 3x7 cm joint - Metal can 750 ml with thread for application gun or tube APPLICATION TUBE INCLUDED!

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Reference: SP350

High initial strength adhesive | SP350 | illbruck

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The adhesive combines the advantages of easy application of a one-component adhesive and instant bond strength, which is achieved by the very good internal cohesion of the adhesive.

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Structural acrylic LD701

A plastoelastic dispersion acrylic sealer whose texture matches the appearance of plaster. Very suitable for repairing and improving the appearance of structural and rubbed plaster in interior applications. Can be used for sealing joints and cracks in masonry, aerated concrete, stone and plaster. Not suitable for application in expansion joints. Application from +5 °C to +40 °C.


310 ml - cartridge

surface texture corresponds to plaster
good adhesion to most building materials