Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
  • Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
  • Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
  • Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
  • Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
  • Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml
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Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml

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Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml

- Firm texture
- Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, plaster, stone, wood, fibre concrete, metal, plastics (polystyrene, PU rigid foam, polyester, hard PVC)
- Freon-free
- Application up to -10°C
Up to 14 metres at 3x7 cm joint
Metal can 750 ml with thread for application gun or tube


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40 pcs


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Installation foam ILLBRUCK FM310 - 750ml

Truly versatile!

Versatile, practical, high quality. Although it is a basic product in the illbruck foam range, FM310 boasts the properties of some premium products.
You'll appreciate its balanced expansion, quality structure and year-round use.

Unlike other foams, it works simultaneously with both the gun and the application tube.

You can keep it unopened for up to 15 months without losing quality. The Illbruck FM310 handles all the common applications you are used to. In addition, it saves your wallet, not only thanks to its increased dispensing capacity, but also thanks to its low purchase price. FM310 is a true all-purpose foam for every day.

Surfaces must be load bearing, clean, free of dust and dirt. Moisten surfaces if necessary before applying foam.

Screw the application gun or application tube onto the can, then shake the can at least 20 times vigorously. The container should be held upside down at all times during application. Moisten the substrate before application if the ambient temperature is +5 °C. Regulate the foam flow using the trigger on the applicator. Dispense foam artificially, do not fill joints and cavities completely, the foam increases in volume as it cures. Do not wet the foam if you want to achieve minimum foaming. Fill joints larger than 8x2 cm in layers and moisten the previous layer before applying the next. This will result in better curing of the foam and internal structure.

Use foam only in well-ventilated rooms. Do not smoke during application! Keep out of reach of children. It is advisable to cover adjacent surfaces before application. Uncured foam can be cleaned with PUR cleaner or acetone after application. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically. When transporting foam cans by car, they may only be stored in the trunk or storage compartment. Under no circumstances transport the cans in the driver's cab or rear seat. Store in an upright position.