Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
  • Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable
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Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tiltable

On request, usually within 7 days.  

Modern and elegant white windows with grey gaskets made of quality German five-chamber Trocal profile system, glazed with Pilkington double glazing with an interglass frame and fitted with MACO MULTI-MATIC security fittings with quality certificates from several testing laboratories.
We have standard size windows in stock for you, so you can have them NOW. Perfect packaging and quality carriers guarantee fast, safe and convenient delivery of the windows to your home. Save time and money thanks to eshop OKNA HNED!

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Plastic window | 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) | white | tilt | TROCAL


High quality plastic windows with German profile

The 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) plastic window made of the high-quality German Trocal profile system meets the demanding requirements for thermal insulation and thus saves heating costs and improves the thermal comfort of buildings.

Modern windows in white

The uPVC windows we offer in stock are in white. The Trocal profile has a modern straight design and has a glossy and smooth surface. The material composition of the profile meets the latest strict standards and UV stabilisers are used to guarantee the colour fastness of the windows. The new plastic frames are perfectly smooth and maintenance and washing of the new windows is quick and easy. The windows are fitted with elegant grey seals.

The windows come complete with white aluminium handles and plastic eaves (caps for external drain holes).



Soundproof windows - noise dampening

The Trocal 120x60 cm (1200x600 mm) folding plastic window also significantly dampens noise from the surroundings that would otherwise penetrate into the dwelling. The windows are glazed with high quality double glazing from PILKINGTON with an inter-glass frame, which further improves the insulating properties and prevents dew.

Durable windows with safety fittings

Thanks to the strength of the Trocal uPVC window construction (high quality plastic combined with honest reinforcement) and the use of one of the highest quality MACO MULTI-MATIC fittings, this window will serve and function without any problems or increased adjustment requirements for a very long time indeed. Thanks to the i.S. technology (intelligente Sicherheit), the MACO MULTI-MATIC security hardware with its basic level of security will resist common attempts to eject or pry the window. In addition, the windows are equipped with an anti-tampering safety device - it cannot happen that the window is opened and tilted at the same time.



Simple and secure fitting

The structural depth of the windows (70 mm), together with the solid chamber walls and the full "C" shaped reinforcements (1.5 to 2 mm thick depending on the size of the windows) used in addition in both the frame and the sash, guarantee absolutely unique features for products of this class and price range. The strong and high-quality window profiles together with the double extruded seals in elegant grey colour will work perfectly and prevent heat leakage from your home.

Windows with tamper-proof locking

In the case of tilt and turn windows, the windows are also equipped with an anti-mistake safety device, so there is absolutely no risk of the sash falling out when the windows are in use.



Profile of Trocal

The Trocal profile is manufactured by the German consortium Profine Group, which represents renowned brands of plastic windows and doors such as KBE, KÖMMERLING and the TROCAL profile offered by us.

Profine Group and the best window in the world

The Profine Group was founded in 2003 by bringing together several major manufacturers under one roof and today supplies quality windows and profiles to 87 countries around the world. The Profine Group is managed directly by the majority owner and is based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The annual production of approx. 450,000 tonnes of high-quality profiles is a testimony to the stability of this manufacturer, and 3,500 employees at 29 locations in 22 countries strive to achieve the company's goal: "The best window in the world!".



Windows now - New quality at a low price

With the new Trocal uPVC windows we offer, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the low price. Because we optimize our purchases and are able to buy windows and doors in large batches for stock, we achieve entry-level prices that allow us to offer brand new, quality windows at low prices that regular retailers cannot afford.

Quality packed and delivered quickly

We ship our products to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. The windows are therefore carefully packed so that they do not suffer any damage in transit. We use sturdy custom-made boxes or protective edges around the perimeter. Similarly, we place great emphasis on the quality of our carriers, which is why we use the services of one of the best shipping companies, DHL. We place high demands on the quality of our packaging and transport to ensure that we are able to deliver your goods on time and in perfect order.


Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Width of the construction opening
1220mm - 1260mm
Height of the construction opening
650mm - 670mm
Glass dimension
1002 x 402mm
Installation depth (profile width)
Number of chambers
Number of seals
Type of glass
Double glazing 4 - 16 - 4
Glass manufacturer
Ug value
1.1 W/m²K
Uf value
1.3 W/m²K
Backing profile
YES, 30mm, multi-chamber
1.5mm (frame, wing)
Gas in the interstitial space
Contents of the package
Handle, hinge covers, drain covers
Cardboard, pallet